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Cowboy Ridge & The Corral

Had a fantastic day in the Whistler backcountry with some fine folks. Skied a short chute in the Corral but wind effect sent us back to the Cowboy Ridge where we found excellent snow conditions.

Headed up Oboe

Views towards Fissile

Robin in the Apostles

GQ in a Corral Chute

Robin in Corral Chute

Geoff skiing the Corral

Grahame skiing The Corral


Robin skiing The Corral

Heading up Cowboy Ridge.

Grahame on Cowboy.

On the skin track for a final run.

The transporter was misfiring and we were forced so skin up for each run.

Views of the tusk.

Love that evening light.

Last run on Cowboy Ridge.

Robin heading home.