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Spearhead Backcountry

Your Guide to Whistler Backcountry Terrain

SPearhead Guidebook Set

The complete Spearhead Guidebook Set includes the Spearhead Backcountry Atlas and the Spearhead Traverse Field Guide. This is the comprehensive guidebook collection for the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry.

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Skiing Vista Chute in the Blackcomb Backcountry in the Spearhead Range

Find Your Line

The Spearhead Backcountry Atlas is a comprehensive photographic guide to ski and splitboard terrain in the Whistler backcountry, one of Canada’s most popular and most accessible touring destinations.

Climbing Tremor Glacier in the Blackcomb Backcountry in the Spearhead Range

Spearhead Traverse Online Guide

Unquestionably one of the classic tours of the South Coast, the Spearhead Traverse is a spectacular route linking the Blackcomb and Whistler ski resorts via a horseshoe of glacier-clad alpine terrain. The Spearhead Traverses is a fantastic ski mountaineering adventure that offers incredible scenery and fantastic skiing in a stunning alpine environment. Learn more about the Spearhead Traverse in a comprehensive online guide to the route.

Bootpacking to Guides Notch in the Blackcomb Backcountry in the Spearhead Range

8 Popular Whistler Backcountry SKIING Zones

First time backcountry skiing in Whistler? Just getting familiar with the touring options accessed from Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort? Learn more about 8 of the most popular destinations for turns in the Spearhead backcountry.

Crossing the Musical Bumps heading towards Russet Land and the Kees and Claire Hut

Whistler Backcountry skiing

Whistler backcountry ski terrain offers some of the highest value touring in Canada. Both Whistler and Blackcomb resorts provide easy access to high alpine terrain in the Spearhead Range using ski lifts. It is hard to beat riding lifts to 2300 m and being 1 km from world class heli-ski terrain.

Learn more about backcountry skiing in Whistler’s Spearhead range including: seasons, hazards, travel through the resort, trip planning, and parking.

Scrambling up Mount Iota above Lake Lovely Water in the Tantalus Range.

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Cairn Publishing guidebooks are written and produced by Matt Gunn, a Squamish-based mountain enthusiast, land use planner and outdoorsy dad. Matt’s passion project is documenting wilderness terrain to facilitate your mountain adventures.