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Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

About the Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

  • The Spearhead Backcountry Atlas is a comprehensive photographic guide to ski and splitboard terrain in the Whistler backcountry, one of Canada’s most popular and most accessible touring destinations.
  • The atlas covers all areas of the Spearhead Range in extensive detail.
  • Provides comprehensive detail for planning trips to the Whistler backcountry (click for an example of this information)
  • 59 terrain maps, 245 terrain photos, 101 touring images, detailed route descriptions.
  • Epic tours, classic runs and steep descents in every corner of the range.
  • 6.5 x 9 inches, 248 pages.
  • Innovative, user-friendly format.
  • Intended to help groups to familiarize themselves with travel options before visiting the area.
Spearhead Traverse Route Map from Spearhead Backcountry Atlas


The atlas divides the Spearhead area into 14 zones. These zones are organized in 4 groups: Blackcomb Backcountry, Whistler Backcountry, Spearhead Traverse, and Deep Spearhead.

Phalanx Route Description  from Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

Zones Intros

Each zone begins with an introduction that provides a descriptive overview of the zone and outlines key information. Favorite descents, classic tours, summit ascents and strategies are all described in this section of each zone.

Phalanx Access Description

Access & Exit

Each zone includes detailed descriptions of commonly used access and exit routes. These are illustrated with specific access and exit maps and route photos. Access to the Kees and Claire Hut is described in text and depicted in maps and route photos.

Phalanx Route Description

Ascents & Descents

Detailed topographic route maps and descriptions for ascents and descents are included in the atlas for each zone.

Phalanx Route Photos  from Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

Terrain Photos

Every ascent and descent is depicted in high quality route photos. Many of these routes are depicted in multiple route photos. These images are the heart of the atlas and provide incredible information about the terrain.

Spearhead Traverse Route Description from Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

Spearhead Traverse

A specific section of the atlas covers the Spearhead Traverse. To learn more about the Spearhead Traverse click here.

Spearhead Traverse Route Photos from Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

Traverse sections

Detailed maps, route descriptions and terrain photos depict every section of the Spearhead Traverse.