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Spearhead Backcountry Atlas


Backcountry touring guidebook to Spearhead area.

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The Spearhead Backcountry Atlas is a comprehensive photographic guide to terrain in the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry, an area that offers an incredible effort-to-reward ratio for both day trips and multi-day traverses. The atlas covers all areas of the Spearhead in extensive detail using images, maps and route descriptions. Epic tours, classic runs and steep descents in every corner of the range are presented in an innovative, user-friendly format that will allow groups to familiarize themselves with travel options prior to visiting the area.

Free shipping is available when purchases with the Spearhead Traverse Field Guide as the Spearhead Guidebook Set.

The Spearhead Atlas includes detailed route information about the Spearhead Traverse.

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  1. Kurt Withers

    Amazing book! Photos help make planning easier!

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  2. Sandi

    I gifted the book to my friend’s husband when he retired earlier this year. He has always wanted to do the Spearhead traverse. Hoping I’ll be among the group invited to join him when he does it! 🤩

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  3. Tom

    This is a great book for beginners to experts who want to ski in the Spearhead backcountry. Complete with awesome photography. Tom

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  4. Tye Pellichero

    Very helpful, photos make it easier to visualize and great resource for planning.

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  5. Humberto (verified owner)

    I’m new in BC so be the atlas it’s a great help to start known the mountains around, the only aspect I don’t like it’s the letters are to small and I need glasses to read! But it’s super helpful and have good explanations great purchase!!

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  6. Nigel Aspinall

    Love it! Takes a lot of the uncertainty out of the WB backcountry for me.

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  7. Brent

    We found this book an invaluable resource last season. It enabled us to explore several new zones outside both Blackcomb and Whistler. The pictures and supporting descriptions were excellent for planning routes and managing risk. We now download picture pages of the specific zones we intend to adventure in the night before, and these were particularly helpful the day-of when weather closed in or when we were trying to access specific Chute entrances. Worth every penny.

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  8. Terry

    Such an amazing and amazingly detailed book. A irreplaceable resource for planning days in the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry. If you’re a Backcountry skier or splitboarder in the coast range, you need this book.

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  9. Tam

    With more and more content online the importance of reliable, vetted information from experienced individuals is more critical than ever.
    This book provides several key elements that standout about guidebooks. Topographical maps are included with routes. Route descriptions are simple, with the more popular routes receiving additional details to assist those new to the area. There is also excellent specs of local knowledge about general seasonal conditions. Lastly the addition of summer photos of glaciers provides incredibly helpful information and demonstrates the dangers lurking beneath the surface of many popular slopes many treat as benign.
    An excellent book, and we can only hope that an update of the Scrambles book will follow a similar formatting.

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  10. miles randell

    An outstanding guidebook. Matt’s obvious knowledge of the terrain shows through. Although I’ve been ski touring that zone for 20+ years, I still learned lots from the book and refer to it frequently. Well worth getting your own copy

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  11. Jeremy Postal

    Excellent guidebook, great photos & descriptions, and worth its’ weight in gold for trip planning. Thanks Matt!

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  12. John

    Great inspiration for trip ideas. The beautiful photos with route and feature labels are a great aid to route and terrain selection. Every skier needs this book!

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  13. Michael

    Best guide book I’ve found yet. The detailed routes shown on photos really help with navigating unfamiliar terrain. I’ve spent 20+ years exploring the Whistler backcountry and this guidebook is opening even more possibilities for us to explore. Very well done Matt.

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  14. Mike Whalen

    An amazing tool but also great to have just lying around for a casual browse and quick daydream!

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  15. Mike Kopec

    Exceptional book. Great pictures and great descriptions. Another classic book by MG.

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  16. Trevor Bruce

    Beautiful and creative use of helicopter photography with drawn-on overlays to help visualize routes, obstacles/ hazards, and landmarks.
    This book made it much easier to plan and communicate routes with friends.

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  17. Robert Canales

    Best winter guidebook I have ever used.

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  18. A Santos

    Very well put together

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  19. Brannen

    Banger book! Details nice, photos high quality and helpful.

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  20. Pat McKinnon

    Outstanding guidebook. Very comprehensive and easy to use. Great photos and route descriptions. Matt Gunn has created a most excellent atlas!

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  21. Rafael Aguirre (verified owner)

    Complete maps of the area and easy to understand. Descriptive pictures of the slopes making easy to get oriented in the area. Looks like a rock climbing guide book but made it for back country.

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  22. Konstantin C. (verified owner)

    I am fairly new to the world of ski touring, but boy does the Spearhead look inviting. Very thorough breakdown of routes, times required for completion, difficulty ratings, and major risks and challenges – Matt makes sure you are able to make an informed and safe decision about your objective.

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  23. Dale Orchard (verified owner)

    Reminiscent over the ski traverse I complete a few years back. This book has very good detailed photos and descriptions every section of the way. Hope to get back there and complete it again some day.

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  24. Jorge C. (verified owner)

    detailed, exhaustive and user-friendly, it’ s worth it.

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  25. Robert Popkin (verified owner)

    Fantastic resource if you ever plan on getting out into the backcountry around Whistler Blackcomb. Extremely detailed, high res photos of peaks from multiple angles, and maps showing both ascents and descents. Wish this existed for more backcountry areas!

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  26. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    (1) (0)
  27. Andy (verified owner)

    Quite the bit of work. Essential!

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  28. Kris (verified owner)

    Well crafted, logical, concise and clearly illustrated. The most relevant and exhaustive guide on the area.
    Happy shredding.

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  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great comprehensive guide to the Blackomb backcountry areas. Easy to follow with excellent photography

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  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Loaded with solid, relevant information and a ton of useful maps and pictures. Can’t wait to explore some of the less traveled parts of the ranges.

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  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    (1) (0)
  33. Karen (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this book to better familiarize myself with my backyard. This book is so nicely laid out, and full of detail and all the info necessary to direct you to where you want to go.

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  34. Thomas (verified owner)

    (1) (0)
  35. mark phillips (verified owner)

    Excellent guide to our amazing backyard. Well laid out and easy to follow. Photos are fantastic. Purchased three copies, for me and my two sons.

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  36. Mark T. (verified owner)

    The print quality of the book far surpassed my expectations. The content itself (photos, maps and route descriptions) are absolutely top notch. The only way this atlas could be improved is if it magically transported you into the Spearhead itself.

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  37. David Bull (verified owner)

    It’s perfect. Highly recommended.

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  38. Evan J. (verified owner)

    The amount of time I’ve spent pouring over this amazing book – when I’m supposed to working or otherwise being an adult – is criminal. The practical lens it adds to route-planning via a computer screen is invaluable. Thank you, Matt!

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  39. Marie (verified owner)

    Thanks for creating this guide. Super helpful!

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  40. ALEKSEY (verified owner)

    Already owned one. Bought as a gift for a friend. And then we ran around the spearhead in a day together 🙂

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  41. Ariel (verified owner)

    Great photos & detailed descriptions without taking away from the adventure elements.

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  42. Mariajesus Munoz (verified owner)

    I love it!

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  43. Benjamin (verified owner)

    This is an incredible guide book. Way more than an Atlas. I liked it so much I bought the companion field guide and an extra copy of both for some friends to check out who live in Whistler.

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  44. Jonathan S. (verified owner)

    Amazing photography and incredible detail to help with route planning.

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