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Whistler Blackcomb Uphill Access Routes

UPDATE: Learn more about uphill access in the 2022/23 season.

Backcountry Tickets

  • Availability of backcountry tickets is assessed daily by Ski Patrol.
  • Proper gear is required to purchase ticket. Skis, snowboard or split board are required as well as; an avalanche transceiver and demonstrated ability to use it, probe, shovel, skins, cell phone.
  • Tickets are sold for a specific lift set to reach the backcountry access points and cannot be used on other lifts.
  • Guests must sign the Backcountry Access Agreement.

Blackcomb Mountain Uphill Access Routes

Blackcomb Mountain has established an official uphill access route to Garibaldi Park and the Spearhead Range. This will provide access to the Blackcomb backcountry without paying for a lift ticket on the Whistler Blackcomb Resort. Previously Whistler Blackcomb did not have an officially permitted route for this use.
Details can be found on the Whistler Blackcomb site here.

The Blackcomb Map contained below to follow the designated route on Blackcomb Mountain to Garibaldi Provincial Park. These routes open December 15. Please note:

  • The route marked in turquoise will take skiers and splitboarders up Blackcomb to the park boundary. This route is signed on site with the green skier sign shown above. It begins either on skier’s right of Merlin’s ski run or from Lot 7. Travellers will need to turn left toward Home Run, then follow the route: Home Run > Short Horn > Green Line > Gondola Road > Dale’s Way > Sunset Blvd. This is an All Weather Conditions route and open only from 5am to 9am. Refer to the information boards at the base of the mountain or our printed maps for specifics.
  • The route marked in pink is East Col. It accesses the park from beyond Blackcomb Glacier. This route requires a lift ticket and high alpine clearance. Call the Backcountry Access Information Line, (604)905-2324 to find out if the route is open. Recheck the backcountry line the morning of your trip and immediately before leaving cell reception. This phone line is updated on an ongoing basis.
Blackcomb 2022 Uphill Access

For Your Safety, Please Abide by the Following Guidelines:

  • Blackcomb South Uphill route can be used from 5:00 am – 9:30 am only.
  • Travel off of designated routes is strictly prohibited
  • Routes can be opened or closed at Patrol discretion.
  • No uphill travel outside of the designated time regardless of what the sign reads.
  • Ascend single file
  • Stay on downhill side of route.

Whistler Backcountry Guidebooks

Whistler Mountain Uphill Access Routes

Backcountry access from Whistler Mountain remains the same as in previous years.

Whistler 2022 Uphill Access
Whistler 2022 Uphill Access

Backcountry Access and Designated Uphill Hiking Routes on Whistler Mountain

Please use the Whistler Map above to follow designated route on Whistler Mountain to Garibaldi Provincial Park.

  • The route marked in yellow is Singing Pass. This is the route from the valley bottom to the park boundary. It is an All Weather Conditions route.
  • The route marked in orange is Oboe Traverse. This is also an All Weather Conditions route. Skiers and splitboarders will need a lift ticket to access the bottom of the route as it begins inbounds

Whistler Backcountry Access Gate Information

  • Designated backcountry access gates provide access to Garibaldi Provincial Park from our operational ski area boundary, as well as return access into our boundaries from the Park. Depending on avalanche closures these gates can be accessed from our lifts.
  • The Oboe Traverse: If the upper mountain is under an avalanche closure then this access gate at bottom of Harmony is the highest gate accessible to our guests. Once guests leave the ski area boundary they will follow a flagged line that leads all the way to Oboe Basin (brushing work completed in fall 2021). Guests using this access when the alpine areas are behind an avalanche closure are not permitted to re-enter the boundary at any other point. Any users caught inside avalanche closures will lose their passes and possibly the privilege to operate in the WB tenure. Avalanche control may commence in areas within avalanche closures, at any time.
  • The top of Flute and Lesser Flute are only accessible when the Flute area has been given avalanche clearance.
  • Members of the public that do not have a lift pass can access Garibaldi Provincial Park via Singing Pass at any time
  • If Whistler Mountain is closed then Singing Pass is the only access to Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Designated Backcountry Access Gates

  • Singing Pass at Water Tower- Always accessible, all weather route
  • Bottom of Harmony (Oboe Traverse) to Oboe Basin
    Accessible when Zone A (top of VG down) avalanche clearance is given.
    Avalanche clearance can only be given by the avalanche forecaster. Zone A, B, C and D are outlined in the Whistler Mountain Avalanche Safety Plan.
  • Top of Flute
    Accessible when avalanche clearance is given for Harmony and Symphony zones.
  • Lesser Flute at top of Encore Ridge
    Accessible when avalanche clearance is given for Harmony and Symphony zones.


Designated Uphill Routes

  • These routes are opened and closed by Forecaster. They will be closed if there is size 2 or greater avalanche hazard in specific terrain or other hazards.

Pika’s Traverse:

  • Pika’s Traverse to T-bar crossing
  • Pika’s Traverse to Harmony Ridge
  • Pika’s traverse to The Saddle
  • Matthews traverse to the Peak

The Pika’s traverse route will be regularly utilized early season before alpine lifts are open, but will be closed once the Peak and or Harmony Chairs are open for the season. Portions of this route (as described above) may be utilized during the regular season if either the Peak or Harmony chairs are close for mechanical issues, or due to high winds.


  • Flute Road
  • Lesser Flute from Granville and Georgia

Goat Path:

  • Goat path to VD’s (may be closed at any time due to avalanche hazard)

Hollywood / Hwy 86:

  • Highway 86 to the Hollywood avalanche closure sign line
    This route will be utilized early season before the Peak Chair opens for the season, if the Peak chair is closed for mechanical issues, or due to high winds.

Note: Any accidents or AVSAR responses outside of our boundaries must go through 911.

Access to Garibaldi Provincial Park

Access within Whistler Blackcomb Controlled Recreation Area is permitted only on the designated routes. Users assume all risks related to travel on the designated routes. Please respect all on mountain signage and instructions from Patrol.

Things to be Aware

  • Understand this winter’s snowpack layers
  • Knowledge of recent snowfall and types of snow
  • Know the current Whistler backcountry Advisory Rating
  • Understand today’s current weather conditions, including snowfall, temperature and visibility
  • Never travel alone

Backcountry Access Information

Whistler Blackcomb Backcountry Access Information (604) 935-5824

NO Snowshoeing inside WB Boundaries

Planning Resources

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